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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Art... it's a fucking weird thing isn't it? We've all seen pieces plopped up in museums with ungodly price-tags which make the "WTF" bubble pop out of our head. What is good art vs bad art? Well... here's what I think about the matter.

To me... art is more of a feeling than it is anything tangible. Art is something that touches your heart, tickles your brain, or rips at your soul. It doesn't need to be plopped in a frame or sculpted from clay, or recorded. It is an experience that is completely subjective.

How is good art created? Shit... I'd say the heart that's put into it has exponentially more to do with "good" art then the outcome of it. This is something that as an artist I must strive to be aware of as I obsess over the "perfect" line, or color combination. Where is my heart in the process? With this in mind I might argue that the markings of crayon on a child's wall may be better art than that of the Mona Lisa. Though for me to know if this were true, I myself would have to be in the mind the child whom marked the wall, or of da Vinci as he painted that famous awkward smile :/ So what's left... the experience of the viewer...

Only you can determine what is good art for you, and that is only true for you. There is a lot of trickery involved in what we think we like and don't like, and in the art world such tricks can equal huge sums of money. You do you and fuck the masses.

Perhaps.... Art is the experience of truly being alive. A great artist not only exists in the creator, but in the viewer, the listener, the one interacting with it. When you lose a sense of time, hypnotized by the beautiful of a seemingly endless sunset, you are creating art in a moment. While you stop to admire the intricate veins of a fallen leaf, captivated by the fading colors of green to red that seem to have been paused by time, you are an artist.

When we learn to drop the bullshit, the expectations of others, our fears, our insecurities, we find more and more that beautiful art is all around us and you yourself are the museum for which it resides.

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