© 2017 Sean P. Roach

Sean P. Roach is a Los Angeles based artist. His work explores the connection between art and science, with pieces that blur the line between painting and sculpture. The result is a fascinating body of work that often confuses the eye and plays tricks on the mind. The op art movement of the 1960's, nature, and mysticism play heavy influences in the unique outcome of his work.


As a child, Sean was exposed to the arts by way of his grandfather who owned a respected graphic design company in Los Angeles, Huerta Design. After graduating high school in 1999, Sean began pursuit of a BFA in illustration, but left the remainder of his formal art education behind to pursue a career working with exotic animals. Throughout his time working as a wildlife educator and animal handler for the entertainment industry, Sean continued to explore various artistic forms, mediums, and techniques. In 2009 Sean began working as a studio assistant for renowned artist and toy designer Joe Ledbetter. While working with Ledbetter, Sean was introduced to the art of creating vector illustrations, which he learned to incorporate into the process of creating his distinct works of art.

The fact that you can see these words alone is beautiful and worth celebrating. I create art in celebration of sight.  I hope that my work can remind you of what it was like to see as a child, when a visual object without the knowledge to define it could so easily enthrall us.