© 2019 SEAN P. ROACH

The popularity of "Earth Tones" too often limits ones surroundings, bound in a box with every shade of beige. However, when I think of the tones of the Earth, a seemingly endless array of color comes to mind! I think not only of the dirt, but the fire opals hidden beneath, the beautiful flowers that work their way above, the colorful wings of a butterfly, feathers of birds, and scales of fish which swim amongst the electric colors of a coral reef. This is where my inspiration comes from! 

In addition to creating custom pieces to fit a particular space, I also love the opportunity to design the interior for which my work will reside. I have produced one-of-a-kind wallpaper, furniture, lighting, cabinets and floors. With "Minds to Design" and "Level 33 Media" I have worked as a graphic installer for The Getty, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles), Christian Dior, Nike, Google, Facebook, Disney, Fred Segal, Kaws x Sesame Street, and many others. 

Have an idea for a space, or none at all? Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a design consultation.